Why Children and Adolescents Need Structure

By Suzyn Jacobson, Clinical Director Children need predictable rules and routines to make them feel loved and safe. Families sometimes struggle with creating this sense of predictable and reliable routine and structure because they are overwhelmed by the pressing needs of everyday life. Family Priority counselors and therapists assist families in creating consistent [...]

Why Children and Adolescents Need Structure2017-06-16T11:35:48-04:00

How to Parent With Grace

By Lavinia Michael-Bollinger In our field, it is not uncommon for practitioners to gain accolades from others for the work we do.  We are praised for being kind, dedicated, and having big hearts for working with our children with special needs and their families.  I do not diminish the work that my colleagues and I [...]

How to Parent With Grace2017-06-16T11:35:48-04:00
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